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Hearts for Emma

Hearts for Emma's mission is to provide assistance to families of children with heart disease and supports educational initiatives relating to heart transplantation and organ and tissue donation.

I worked as the Lead UI Designer in a team alongside the founder, Nancie Rothman, and Project Manager, Rob Toro.


Brand Colors




User Personas

Persona #1

Names: Distressed Diane and David

Parents of a child who is affected by child heart disease and is looking for emotional support, assistance, and a community to connect with.

Persona #2

Name: Volunteer Vicki

Has a family or friend affected by child heart disease and wants to help by donating time and amplifying the message/cause.

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Persona #3

Name: Donor Danny

His family or friend is affected by heart disease and wants to help by donating money or stock to the mission.

Persona #4

Name: Curious Carla

Heard about Hears for Emma through an event\social media and is curious as to what we do, who we are, and how we help.

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Data Analysis
Range: October 2021 - February 2022


Examining the data from the previous website, the team gained valuable insights into the devices most commonly utilized by visitors. Armed with this information, I tailored my design approach to ensure seamless optimization for both PC and mobile screens at various breakpoints, guaranteeing an exceptional user experience across these devices.

Previous WordPress Design

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