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Frequently Asked Questions

1 / What platforms do you use?

I specialize in WIX, with over five years of experience, and use WIX to build new websites. While I only build new websites on WIX, I can update existing WIX and Squarespace websites.

2 / Do you own my domain and website?

No, I build your website on my account but once it is complete, and final payments are made, the site is transferred to your own account with full ownership. You are responsible for purchasing your own domain and web hosting. As part of finishing the project, I will walk you though key parts of your website and can walk you through the process of connecting a domain and web hosting. If you choose, you can add me as an administrator to the site so if you choose to use my services again in the future for updates, but this is not required.

3 / How do I know you are the right fit for my project?

I am pretty chill to work with :) Before starting a project, you and I will schedule a free consultation to review the vision and desires for your project. This time will allow you to get a feel for me and also allows me to see if I have the skills to accomplish the task. 

4 / Do you offer branding services?

Yes! Utilizing my background in color theory, user empathy, and user experience psychology, I will create a comprehensive brand guide that contains color scheme, typography, buttons, and visuals that are cohesive to your logo. Branding guides are essential for designing a website so that every page remains 'on brand.' If you don't currently have a branding guide, a personaized package will be created that includes the brand guide creation and website design. Brand guides are completed prior to the start of the website iteself.

5 / Do you provide photography for the website?

Yes! To supplement the images provided by you, if needed, I will use free to use royalty, copyright free images that fits with your businesses brand and aesthetic. 

6 / How do payments work?

A 25% retainer of your total project price is required to book your project in my calendar. 50% of he project price is due by 8pm PST the night before your scheduled project start date. The remiaining 25% is due at the end of the project and before full ownership of the website is handed over to you.

7 / What does 'Basic SEO' mean?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the creation of information that Google and other browsers use to organize and include a website in search results. There are a number of ways that browsers collect this information and it’s always changing. The basic SEO included in all C. Redstone Design packages is setting up meta-data information on images and page descriptions, optimizing image sizes and content so websites load quickly, and optimizing the design for mobile. Each of these things helps to improve SEO.

SEO is a larger marketing strategy so if you want to include things like Keywords to help your website get found, this is something that needs to be included in the copywriting phase of the project before any web design starts. C Redstone Design does not offer a custom SEO strategy at this time.

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