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Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms do you use?

With over five years of focused experience, my specialty lies in WIX website development. I possess in-depth knowledge of WIX and have honed my skills in crafting brand-new websites using this platform. While my expertise primarily lies in building new websites on WIX, I am also proficient in updating existing websites on both WIX and Squarespace.

Do you own my domain and website?

No, once the website construction is finalized, and all payments have been duly made, the site will be transferred to your personal account, granting you complete ownership. It is your responsibility to purchase your own domain and web hosting services either through WIX or a third party. As a part of concluding the project, I will guide you through essential aspects of your website and assist you in connecting your domain and web hosting. Optionally, you may choose to add me as an administrator to the site. This would allow me to assist you with future updates, although it is not mandatory in any way.

How do I know you are the right fit for my project?

Prior to commencing a project, we will arrange a complimentary consultation to discuss and assess your project's vision and requirements. This dedicated time will enable you to familiarize yourself with my approach, while also providing me the opportunity to evaluate if I possess the necessary skills to fulfill your objectives successfully.

Do you offer branding services?

Absolutely! Leveraging my expertise in color theory, user empathy, and user experience psychology, I will develop a comprehensive brand guide specifically tailored to your needs. This guide will encompass elements such as color schemes, typography, buttons, and visuals that align cohesively with your logo. Branding guides play a vital role in website design, ensuring that every page maintains a consistent brand identity. If you currently lack a branding guide, I will create a personalized package that encompasses both the creation of the brand guide and the website design. It's worth noting that brand guides are finalized prior to commencing the website development process.

Do you provide photography for the website?

Certainly! In addition to utilizing the images you provide, if necessary, I will incorporate freely available royalty-free images that align with your business's brand and aesthetic. These images will be carefully selected to ensure they complement the overall visual appeal of your website while adhering to copyright regulations.

How do payments work?

In order to secure your project slot on my calendar, a 25% retainer based on the total project price is necessary. Another 25% of the project price must be settled by 8pm PST (11pm EST) on the evening prior to your scheduled project start date. Failure of payment by this deadline can delay the project start date. Finally, the remaining 50% is due upon project completion, along with any addional costs for add-on services, prior to the transfer of full website ownership to you.

What does 'Basic SEO' mean?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves creating information that search engines like Google use to organize and include a website in search results. The methods used by search engines to gather this information are constantly evolving. As part of all C. Redstone Design packages, we provide essential SEO features. This includes setting up meta-data information for images and page descriptions, optimizing image sizes and content to ensure fast website loading, and designing websites with mobile optimization in mind. Each of these aspects contributes to improving SEO. It's important to note that SEO encompasses a broader marketing strategy. If you wish to incorporate additional elements such as targeted keywords to enhance your website's discoverability, it needs to be addressed during the copywriting phase of the project before any web design work begins. However, please note that C. Redstone Design does not currently offer custom SEO strategies.

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