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Branding & Logos

Logo & Favicon

Logos and favicons are essential elements for building a strong brand identity, creating recognition, and conveying professionalism, which are vital for the success and growth of any business or organization.

What is a favicon? A favicon is a small icon associated with a website that appears in the browser's address bar, next to the page title, and in the browser tab.

Design fee (1 design)

Starting at $50

Additional variations

Starting at $30 each

You will receive

JPG  |  PNG  |  SVG of the logo(s)

At the size of 1x : 500px


Brand Guide

Design fee



Color scheme


Button variations

Logo add-on service:


You will receive:

PDF document

Don't see what you need?

Get in touch with me to talk about your vision and determine if I am the perfect designer for your needs!

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