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Chloe Redstone

I'm a former K-5 art teacher who realized my true calling during the Coronavirus school closure. While teaching my students online I became aware of how many websites aren't user friendly and the user interface is overly complicated. This realization prompted me to continue my education in the field of user interface design. I utilize my formal art foundations to guide my minimalist web and print designs.

10 fast facts about me!

  1. I've lived in six states - GA (3 times), FL, VA, OH, NV, and WA

  2. My favorite form of art is pyrography (wood burning)

  3. I am proud of being a tall female at 6'2"

  4. I own 40 houseplants and I treat them like my children

  5. My favorite show is Forensic Files

  6. My favorite color is yellow

  7. I am an introvert and enjoy solitude to recharge

  8. I love Indian food

  9. I like to spend free time at my local library reading psychological thrillers

  10. My favorite music genre is indie-folk with favorite artists Novo Amor and Bon Iver

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