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Luley Plants is a, woman-owned, small business with a mission to make rare plants obtainable to the average household. This website was built to expand her business from local sales to all over the country.


Based in Bothell, WA, Luley Plants offers unique houseplants with a seamless purchasing experience for both desktop and mobile users.

Mother and Baby on Floor

User Persona

Name: Yasmin

Occupation: English Teacher

Frustration: She has a hobby of collecting plants but she wants to expand her collection to but can't afford most rare, or unique, plant varieties.

Summary: Yasmin spends more than 60 hours a week lesson planning, managing a classroom, and attending various meetings. Once she gets home everyday, she cares for her child and manages the household chores. One of her hobbies is caring for plants. Sometimes it feels more like self-care than just a hobby. Yasmin would like to expand her collection from common house plants to more rare varieties. 

Logo Design

Client requirement:

  • Monstera leaf must be included

Design summary:

  • Text: ​I chose a font that is playful, yet mature, while remaining organic and legiable. Once the brand guide was compiled, the logo was created in her three main colors so that the text is visible no matter the background color - whether it is digital or printed.

  • Icon: Since the client required a monstera leaf as her icon of choice, I wanted to fulfil this need while making the leaf visually interesting with the various colors. 

  • Composition: The text and icon flow together with the curve of the text to mirror the convex curve of the leaf. 

Tropical House Plant
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