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Project Case Studies

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UX/UI Case Studies

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Client: CareerFoundry

HandiCraft is a native IOS and Android application that gives full time artists, craftsmen, and hobbyists, an option to reach more potential buyers (local and nationwide) for their unique and original work.

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Client: CareerFoundry

Oodles is a financial IOS app with a limited web accessed dashboard. Oodles creatively combines financial literacy and friendly competition into an easy to use application suitable for anyone starting out their savings journey.

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Client: CareerFoundry

A responsive web app that gives users a trusted option for plant care, while on vacations or regular maintenance, that is not currently on the market. Other useful functions include plant care articles and keeping track of the plants' needs.



Client: CareerFoundry

ProdApptive is a productivity mobile application with a goal of aiding the user in completing set tasks and also staying on task. With a built in focus timer, the user temporarily disables access to other applications for their desired amount of time in order to stay focused on the task at hand.

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Client: CareerFoundry

Connec+ is a native IOS application that allows users to connect with others no matter where they are in the world. 



Client: CareerFoundry

Jotit is a native IOS note taking application that incorporates multiple modes of note taking to appeal to many different styles of note takers.  A user can utilize voice memos, typing, or drawing to jot down their ideas.

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Professional Portfolio

Client: J. Kundycki

This portfolio is hosted on the WIX platform and it displays John's current and past projects in data engineering. The site is available on both desktop and mobile screens.



Personal study

Inspired by my love of reading, Novellette is a library in your pocket. With the ability to house all your digitally owned books, as well as borrowing from your local library, there is no limit to how much you can learn. 

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Web Development 
Case Studies

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Web Design Portfolio

Client: CareerFoundry

Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, I created a multi-screen responsive web-app with breakpoints for various screen sizes. 


Weather Application

Client: SheCodes

Utilizing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, I created a basic interactive desktop application that uses user input to display the weather.

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